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Posted on Nov 14, 2014 by Florida Breast Implants

So you’re considering a breast augmentation?

Okay ladies, we all know we’re guilty of it: standing in front of the mirror puzzled, wanting a change. Sometimes it starts with the hair, so the next week you change the color. A few weeks later, you still want more. Did you know women are most often insecure about their breasts?  About 70% of women are unhappy with their breasts in some way.  It’s sad but true.  Everyone has those certain flaws and insecurities they want to hide. We want you to know you don’t have to hide them anymore!  We can’t change your hair color, but we can help enhance your life in some other ways!

Do tell more you say….

So you’re considering a breast augmentation to put those “flat chested” days behind you. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Dr Tyrone has helped thousands of women regain their confidence and kiss their flat chested days goodbye! And, guess what?! With a simple consultation Dr. Tyrone can tell you if he can do the same for you!

To help us make sure that you get the best and most informative consultation possible, we have put together a cheat sheet of questions and things you can do to prepare yourself for your meeting with Dr. Tyrone.

First, you need to get yourself on our schedule. Don’t worry, it’s simple, and Dr. Tyrone is available most days! Just give us a call at our office and one of our lovely employees will get all your information and help you pick out a day that works best for you. Now that’s step one.  Step two is doing your homework! You have two assignments: the first one is easy because YOU have all the answers. It’s your new patient paper work. Yep! We need to know everything about you, where you live, your birthday, and all your medical history that no one likes to fill out but we really do need it. Dr Tyrone likes to chat with you about the things you fill out, so have them ready!

Now, your second assignment is to do some research.  Remember all the S’s when doing the research. Size, Saline or Silicone, Surgical incision site, and Surgery center vs hospital?  It’s important to have a pretty good idea of what you want before your consultation so that Dr. Tyrone can get a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

Lastly, pictures! Everyone’s favorite thing to do is look at before and after pictures. Feel free to look at some of Dr. Tyrone’s previous patients on our website. Before you get too excited while looking at the pictures, there is something very important to remember.  Ask yourself, does that patient look like me? Do we have similar body types and are my current breasts like hers were before surgery?

Take a picture of yourself! Yes, grab a super close friend, a spouse, or someone you don’t mind seeing your pre-surgery boobies and have them take a picture. Have them snap the picture from the neck down. Now you’ve got something to compare other pre-surgery photos to. Remember, if they don’t look like you before, they won’t look like you after.  We want you to have the most realistic expectations in mind when coming in for your consult. So if you’re able to find a few before and after pictures of what you like most, bring them on in! We would love to see them, too, and it gives Dr. Tyrone the best understanding of what you’re looking for.

Do I need a lift?

Many patients aren’t 100% sure if they need a lift. Some aren’t even sure what a lift entails. Have you had children or lost a lot of weight recently? If you answered yes to any of these questions it is quite possible you need a lift. Dr. Tyrone will tell you for sure when he does your breast exam if a lift is necessary to help you achieve your overall goal. There is no need to Google “how do I know if I need a lift,” we will leave that up to the doctor. Just be prepared it could be a possibility.

After you meet with Dr. Tyrone you’ll get the chance to meet with our wonderful patient coordinator and Registered Nurse, Robbie. She is going to go over the price with you and give you an idea of what our surgery schedule looks like. When you’re ready to schedule your big day she will be able to do that for you too! Robbie can also address any questions you may have forgotten to ask the doctor. We all know those questions hit us as soon as he leaves the room!

Now do you feel better about what to expect in your consultation? Just remember relax! This is a positive and fun experience! We want everyone to leave here feeling confident about their decisions.

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