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Posted on Jun 29, 2016 by Florida Breast Implants

Common Breast Implant Questions Saline Vs Silicone.

One of the most common questions Dr. Tyrone and his staff receive regarding breast augmentation is: What is the difference between saline and silicone?

Both types of implants have been thoroughly studied and are approved by the FDA.  Both saline and silicone breast implants have an elastic outer silicone shell.   And both can provide equally aesthetically pleasing results. 

Saline implants are filled by your surgeon in the operating room with a saline solution using a sterile closed system.  Shape, firmness, and fill volume can be manipulated in the operating room by your surgeon.   Saline implants work best in women with thicker skin and more soft tissue coverage, as to avoid the appearance of rippling and wrinkling.

The newest generation of silicone breast implants are pre- filled with a highly cohesive, form stable, silicone gel with a “gummy” consistency, and are encased with a thick outer shell.  Silicone implants are softer, more natural in appearance, and have less rippling compared to saline.  This gel mimics the look and feel of human breast tissue, often providing a more “natural” result.  In patients with little breast tissue or with skin that is thin and has lost its elasticity (due to weight loss/gain, childbearing, etc.), gel implants can provide a more natural result with less visible and palpable rippling. 

While both saline and silicone implants have the potential to “rupture”, or tear, saline implants are more prone to leaking and/or deflating, requiring additional surgeries.  If a saline implant ruptures, the salt water solution will be absorbed into your body safely.  The rupture will usually be obvious, as the deflate will change the size and shape of the breast.  If you experience a silicone “rupture,” the free silicone tends to remain trapped inside the capsule that forms around the implant and has been shown to pose no immediate risk to the patient.

So, how do you know which one is right for you? This is a great question and there are a number of variables to consider, including your goals and expectations.   Regardless of which type of implant you choose, there are a variety of options in implant style, including round, teardrop/anatomical, smooth, textured, as well as classic, moderate, and high profiles, offering plenty of flexibility to meet your goals and expectations.   Because we keep a full supply of each shape, size, profile, and fill volume, Dr. Tyrone can create a custom fit that is just right for you! 



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