Achieve a More Youthful Body with a Breast Lift

Breast Lift Candidacy

If your breasts have lost their shape and begun to sag, whether due to pregnancy and breast feeding, or simply because of time and gravity, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift. Implants only change the shape and size of the breasts, and do not lift breasts that excessively sag. For women looking to lift and increase the size of their breasts, implants combined with a breast lift can give you the figure you deserve.

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Breast Lift Procedure

While undergoing your breast lift, you will be under twilight sedation. This safe method offers minimized discomfort and quicker recovery times than full anesthesia. During the surgery, Dr. Tyrone will create incisions in your breast. Through these incisions, he will lift and reshape the underlying breast tissue, removing any excess skin, reposition the areola, and place the implant. With his surgical skills and use of innovative techniques, you can enjoy the youthful and voluptuous shape you want, with reduced pain and improved healing.

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Choosing Your Implants and Incisions

There are three common incision patterns that Dr. Tyrone may use during your breast lift: around the areola, underneath the crease of your breast, or a keyhole shaped incision. During your initial consultation, Dr. Tyrone will determine the best type of incision and implant depending on the elasticity of your skin and your desired outcome. Dr. Tyrone offers both saline and silicone implants, and can review the benefits of each so you can feel fully informed when deciding which type can best achieve the look you desire.

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Benefits and Risks

A breast lift can restore your breasts to a more youthful look, and help you feel more self-assured. The procedure can also eliminate the skin irritation and physical discomfort that sometimes results from severely drooping breasts. The most common risks of a breast lift include scarring, discomfort, loss of sensation in the nipple, infection, and irregularities in the shape or feel of your breasts. These side effects are very rare, and most women are very satisfied with the results of their breast lift procedure.

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Breast Lift Recovery

Thanks to Dr. Tyrone’s use of twilight sedation, long lasting local anesthetics, and precise surgical techniques, you can expect minimal pain and recovery time following your breast lift surgery. You may experience some minor soreness for three to four days, and you should plan to take at least a week off of work. You may resume physical activity and your regular exercise routine when you gain clearance from your doctor.

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Following your breast lift, you can expect enhanced perkiness and firmness of your breasts, as well as more youthful contours. Dr. Tyrone will provide you with explicit instructions on how to best maintain the beautiful results of your breast lift. As breast lifts improve breast projection but do not change breast size, Dr. Tyrone may recommend breast implant surgery with your breast lift to achieve the most dramatic results. Combining procedures can offer many benefits, which the doctor can discuss with you in further detail.

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