Breast Implant Textures: Smooth vs. Coarse

Image of breast implantDr. John Tyrone offers smooth and coarse breast implant textures at our Jacksonville, FL, practice. Dr. Tyrone understands that patients may feel overwhelmed by the many implant choices available, ranging from the type of filling to the profile to the texture, and he strives to help them make their breast augmentation decisions confidently.

Both implant textures have advantages and drawbacks, which the doctor can explain during your consultation. He will help you decide which type of implant will best meet your needs.

Smooth Breast Implants

The majority of patients undergoing breast augmentation surgery choose smooth implants. Smooth implants can move easily in the breast pocket, and they have a lower chance of folding or rippling once placed. Their thinner shells result in a softer, more natural feel. In addition, smooth implants generally last longer than textured implants. Because patients choose smooth implants more often, they are widely available and are therefore less costly than textured implants. 

However, the ease with which smooth implants move in the breast pocket may result in unwanted shifting of the implant's position after surgery. Also, the increasingly popular teardrop-shaped breast implant is not available with a smooth texture, which may influence a patient's decision.

Textured Breast Implants

Textured implants were developed in large part as the solution to a problem that can occur after breast augmentation surgery called capsular contracture. This occurs when the pocket of scar tissue around the implant tightens, causing the breast to feel hard and squeezing the implant so that its shape becomes distorted. In the 1980s, research was conducted that suggested that implants with a textured surface might lower the chances of capsular contracture. Studies since then have proven inconclusive, and research continues.

Dr. Tyrone will listen carefully to ensure that he understands your unique aesthetic goals, and he will only recommend procedures that he is confident will offer you true benefits.

One benefit of textured implants is that they do not shift within the breast after being placed. Their textured surface allows the implants to adhere to the tissue around them, maintaining their position. This becomes particularly important if you are considering a shaped implant. If the position of a teardrop implant shifts slightly, it could result in a very unnatural appearance. For this reason, all shaped implants feature textured shells.

Although textured implants are better able to retain their position, they have a greater likelihood than smooth implants of developing folds and wrinkles that can lead to ruptures. Textured implants also have thicker walls, causing them to feel more firm. Finally, some studies have shown that textured implants may be more prone to harbor bacteria than smooth implants. Choosing a reputable surgeon with a track record of providing excellent results can lower these risks. 

Making Your Decision

Both types of implants offer benefits and drawbacks, and you can rest assured that Dr. Tyrone will thoroughly explain your options and recommend the implant that he feels will best help you achieve the results you desire. In general, patients who opt for traditional round implants will receive smooth implants due to their durability and feel, while patients who select shaped implants will receive a textured implant.

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