Breast Implant Profiles: Achieving the Breast Shape, Profile, and Projection You Desire

Image of breast implant profilesDr. John Tyrone provides a range of breast implant profiles at his Jacksonville, FL, practice. When considering breast implant surgery, patients can decide upon the volume, the width, and the profile of the implant in order to create the look that they desire. The volume of an implant refers to the space it occupies, while the width depends upon the size of the implant’s base. The breast implant "profile" refers to the degree to which the implant projects from the wall of the chest.

Typically, implants with a narrower base will project farther than wide implants. Dr. Tyrone will discuss implant profile options with you during your consultation, and he will help you determine which type of implant is most appropriate for your body type.

An Explanation of Profiles

Round implants are available in five different profiles:

  • Low Profile – The low profile implant has the widest base and the least projection.
  • Moderate Profile – This implant has a slightly narrower width with more projection than the low-profile model.
  • Moderate Plus Profile – The moderate plus implant is relatively narrow, but with greater projection than the moderate profile implant.
  • High Profile – High profile implants have a narrow width and a high degree of projection. These implants offer a great deal of fullness in the upper part of the breast.
  • Ultra High Profile – This implant offers the highest degree of projection and the narrowest base, creating the roundest, most prominent cleavage.

Shaped implants also offer different profiles, but the patient's height must be taken into consideration when determining the degree of projection. For instance, a taller implant for a tall patient will have a slightly greater degree of projection.

Dr. Tyrone will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan for implants that will optimally enhance your unique figure.

Which Profile Should I Choose?

You should select your breast implant profile based upon your body type:

  • Women with a wider chest will typically benefit most from low profile implants, as their width will provide a more flattering and natural look.
  • Women with a smaller, narrower chest will benefit most from the moderate profile implant, as it provides an attractive degree of projection without creating too much extra width.
  • Petite women with very narrow chests will benefit most from high profile implants, with their narrow width and maximum projection.

Patients should understand that a certain build does not guarantee a particular implant profile. A petite woman may have a wide chest, while a larger woman may have a narrow chest. Dr. Tyrone will measure your chest wall and breasts during your consultation, and together you will determine which profile will provide the best results and create the look you wish to achieve.

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