Breast Implant Sizes to Meet Your Needs

Dr. Tyrone is committed to providing highly personalized treatment to each patient, taking into account your physical needs and cosmetic goals. He offers a range of breast implant sizes at his Gainesville practice that can have you looking your best. At your initial consultation, Dr. Tyrone will perform an evaluation and discuss your desired outcomes to help you determine the best implant type and size for you. Whether you choose saline or silicone, your implants are customized to meet your size specifications to give you that enhanced body line you deserve. Learn more about our implants and how they can help you by contacting our office today.

A Thorough and Friendly Consultation

Dr. Tyrone is dedicated to outstanding care and patient education. During your consultation he will thoroughly inform you about each step of your breast augmentation process. He will also examine the quality of your skin and the natural size of your breast to help decide which type of implant can best assist you to achieve your desired outcome. There are also "before and after” photographs of other patients with similar body types that you can review. Seeing results from different implant types and sizes will help you make an informed decision about your own surgery. Dr. Tyrone also encourages you to bring in photographs of looks that you admire to help select implants that can give you similar results. Patients should be realistic through, about how they will look after their surgery, with the understanding that no two procedures or bodies are the same. You can discuss this with Dr. Tyrone, and any other concerns or questions during your consultation.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution after the empty shell is inserted into the chest. With this technique, the size of the implant can be adjusted after it is implanted, and patients can enjoy smaller incisions and reduced discomfort post-surgery. Saline implants are great alternative for patients who are concerned about the cost or long-term safety of silicone implants. Saline implant patients should have sufficient breast tissue, good skin quality, and breasts that do not excessively sag. Dr. Tyrone offers Mentor® saline implants, one of the finest types of implants manufactured today, offering optimal body contouring technology to enhance your silhouette.

Silicone Implants

If you are at least 22 years old and have insufficient breast volume, thin skin, or sagging breasts, you may be better suited for silicone breast implants. Silicone implants are more expensive than saline implants, but are sometimes preferred for their natural looking and feeling results. Many patients feel that silicone implants provide a superb shape, silicone implants also have the benefit of lower incidences of rippling and wrinkling. Although they are filled prior to being implemented into your chest, silicone implants are available in over 20 volumes, so you have a wide choice in finding one suitable in size for you. For added convenience, Mentor® implants have a unique sizing system that allows you to simulate the sizes of various implants to get a better idea of how they would enhance your figure. 

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With Dr. Tyrone's exceptional surgical skill, and the range of implant materials and sizes available, you can be confident that your breast augmentation can give you that voluptuous figure of your dreams. Schedule your appointment to learn more about our implant sizes and which might work best for you.

*Silicone implants can be obtained in patients under 22 as long as an informed consent waiver is signed. 

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