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Dr. John Tyrone provides stunning breast augmentation results for patients at his Jacksonville, FL, practice. During your initial consultation, Dr. Tyrone will take the time to thoroughly discuss all available treatment options, including implant sizes, incision types, and placement of the implant. He will listen carefully so that he understands your expectations, and he will explain how he can help make your vision a reality.  Your initial consultation with Dr. Tyrone will play a large role in ensuring that you achieve the size, symmetry, and shape you desire.

The doctor may recommend that you combine breast implants with another procedure. It is important to understand that a breast augmentation procedure will make your breasts larger, but it will not lift them. If you have breasts that sag, for instance, Dr. Tyrone may recommend that you combine your breast augmentation with a breast lift for optimal results.

What to Expect after Surgery

The results of your breast augmentation will be immediately noticeable following your procedure: your breasts will appear fuller and rounder than before surgery. You should expect some swelling and bruising, which may affect the appearance of the breasts, but these side effects should diminish within a few days.

Immediate breast augmentation results

Dr. Tyrone will discuss breast augmentation options available to achieve your desired results.

Your breasts may initially appear to sit too high after surgery. This is because your muscles and skin require time to adjust to the new implants, and settling will occur over time. The doctor typically recommends a regiment of massage to help relax the muscles. After a period of three to four months post-surgery, your implants should have softened and settled into the correct position.

The results of your breast augmentation will be immediately noticeable following your procedure: your breasts will appear fuller and rounder than before surgery.

Implants placed under the muscle will appear more voluminous and project more after several weeks. Patients should understand that sub-muscular implants may take a little longer to settle into their final position than implants placed over the muscle.

Combining Procedures

Dr. Tyrone emphasizes to patients that a breast augmentation changes the size, but not the position, of the breasts. Patients who wish to see their breasts appear perkier, therefore, may wish to combine augmentation surgery with a breast lift. Combining these procedures offers the patient several benefits:

  • Placing implants during a breast lift procedure requires the removal of less skin for the lift, reducing scarring.
  • Having both procedures performed simultaneously is cost-effective, as you will only need to pay for anesthesia once.
  • Having both procedures performed at once means a reduced recovery period, as you will recover from one surgery versus two. Recovery from a combined procedure is similar to recovery for other breast surgeries, with most patients returning to work and other normal activities within about a week.

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